TCS Construction begins each and every project with a preconstruction meeting between the design team and the Owner to ensure that the proper level of communication has taken place. All too often, a client’s vision gets misunderstood or miscommunicated. Understanding exactly what the client’s needs are can greatly streamline the overall design and construction process and eliminate unnecessary delays or cost overruns. Proper communication on a project is one of the most critical (and often overlooked) elements of the construction process. Before any trade commences their work, we hold a meeting to discuss any issues that may be present in the design, constructability or schedule. Quality control throughout the project is something TCS takes great pride in. Each project will be overseen by a knowledgeable full time site superintendent as well as oversight from upper management and third party Safety consultant dedicated to getting your project completed on time, on budget, with great craftsmanship and the highest regard to Safety. TCS Construction provides and stands behind our warranty on every project, not only for the required warranty duration but for years to come we will assist in making sure warranty or operational issues get resolved, should they arise.

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